About Katherine Aviation

Servicing greater NT and beyond

Katherine Aviation was established in 2006 with one plane and one pilot and has since expanded to 5 bases across the Northern Territory. 

We are a family owned and run company employing over 30 staff and operating 25 aircraft. Further expansion has involved implementation of an in-house maintenance facility and the construction of a large purpose built base of operations at Katherine (Tindal) Airport. 

Our services vary from general charter, freight only charter, medical retrieval, patient travel, Australia Post mail flights and more. We also provide Scenic flights across Nitmiluk and Kakadu National Parks and surrounding areas. 

Our 24/7 Operations team ensures that we are always ready to take your booking requests or enquiries no matter the time of day or night. Many of our flights are booked at the last minute and therefore flexibility is our strong suit! 

For any booking requests or queries please contact us!


Our Aircraft

Cessna C172

The Cessna C172 is a capable, 4 seater aircraft. It’s great visibility and small footprint make it perfect for scenic flights with 2 passengers or short hops between communities.

Cessna C210

The Cessna C210 is considered the single engine workhorse of the NT. Retractable landing gear and a solid design allow for additional speed, reliability and short landing strip capabilities.

Beechcraft BE58 Baron

The Beechcraft BE58 Baron is a high speed, 6 seater, twin engine aircraft that is perfect if you want to get to your destination quickly with the added safety of a twin engine aircraft.

IN-House maintenance

Katherine Aviation boasts an in-house maintenance facility through which all our aircraft are maintained by licensed aircraft maintenance engineers.

Fleet Standardisation

Katherine Aviation operates a standard fleet of Cessna and Beechcraft aircraft. With a fleet of only two different brands and three different types of aircraft , training and maintenance practices can be standardised across the company which improves safety.

25 Aircraft

5 Bases

Katherine Aviation prides iteslf on upholding quality service with safety at the forefront of our operations.

Our charter services are regularly called on by Government agencies, private companies and individuals who entrust Katherine Aviation’s professional staff and well-maintained aircraft to provide patient travel and medivac flights, remote infrastructure service maintenance flights and community clinic and general transportation.

Strict in-house training and cyclic checking systems ensure our team are safely prepared to transport you to your destination and back again.